rsz_cruising_alaska_cover_resizedCruising is a great way to dip into the beauty and majesty of Alaska, and even if you’re a budget traveler, it’s well within your reach.  Cruising Alaska on a Budget is a cruise and port guide that will help you plan an affordable cruise and find free and inexpensive things to do in port.  Have you always wanted to see Alaska?  Seize the chance now.

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Melinda Brasher fell in love with Alaska on her first cruise there.  She loves walking the head-shot-52-kbdecks watching for dolphins, whales, and otters.  She loves the sound of glaciers calving.  She once had a glorious moment of camaraderie with a bald eagle in Sitka.  One of her favorite hikes in the world is to Upper Dewey Lake from Skagway.  So many things about Alaska have captured her imagination, from tales of the Klondike Gold Rush to hunting techniques of the native peoples to the incredible life cycles of salmon.  You can find plenty of posts about Alaska on her blog:  www.melindabrasher.com


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